Meet Marie Lauer

Marie believes Airdrie is at a critical place in its growth and she can see the potential that Airdrie has to be an even greater City. Marie has a vision for Airdrie as a vibrant community with well-planned community facilities and spaces that meet the needs of all residents, contribute to Airdrie’s sense of community and to our city’s economic prosperity. Marie believes our community’s growth must be built on a foundation of community collaboration, inclusion and engagement.

Marie wholeheartedly agrees with Jane Jacobs: “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

The Platform

Leadership & Governance:

I’m running for Mayor because I want to contribute to building a better community. Our City requires strong leadership that understands governance and has a vision for our future. I believe that our Mayor must lead by example in terms of honesty, integrity and a commitment to community engagement and inclusivity. I believe City Council and Administration must be transparent in order to build trust amongst our residents. I am running for Mayor because I care about our community.

Community Involvement & Engagement:

I believe Airdrie needs to develop a policy and framework regarding community involvement based on best practises. Residents must have the opportunity to provide input into decisions that impact their lives. City Council needs to know what is important to our residents; what their concerns, hopes and dreams for our community are. A community involvement policy and framework is necessary to build trust between City Council, Administration and the public. A community involvement policy and framework will ensure that Council can have confidence in the information presented to them by Administration and therefore allows Council to have confidence in the decisions they make. We need to commit to community involvement and to following through on initiatives to build a better City for all.

Community Facilities & Gathering Places:

Airdrie has some great outdoor and indoor places and spaces, but we need more. We need to determine our citizen’s priorities and plan for social, cultural and recreational gathering places in our community. We need to dream big and work hard to make these places become a reality. These facilities don’t happen quickly; it takes vision, planning and commitment to bring them to fruition. The importance of community gathering spaces can not be overstated. These facilities need to provide equitable access to all of our residents. Recreation and cultural facilities and the social interaction they produce benefit and strengthen individuals, families and our community. These facilities also have the opportunity to drive economic growth and serve as tourism destinations. Let’s dream big, plan it and do it!

Marie Lauer - Marie4Mayor - Airdrie Alberta
Marie Lauer - Marie4Mayor - Airdrie Alberta
Canada Day 2015 Parade - Marie 4 Mayor

Marie Lauer For Mayor - Marie4Mayor

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