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Airdrie Deserves Fresh, Transparent, Accountable Leadership

I love Airdrie, and I want what’s best for it. I am campaigning to be Airdrie’s next mayor, so I would like to share my thoughts about the mayor’s leadership role. Having worked in City… Continue Reading

A Promise from a Would-be Politician

This is my promise to you – the people of Airdrie. I will listen, I will work hard, and I will make decisions based on what is best for our community, but I will never… Continue Reading

Airdrie Arts and Culture

On July 09th, candidates were asked the following questions (in bold) related to Culture on the Airdrie Election 2017 – Discussion Group Facebook page.  I think it’s important to share my responses. Airdrie City Council… Continue Reading

For The Record – Airdrie & Area Health Co-operative

I want to clear the record about my thoughts and feelings regarding the Airdrie & Area Health Benefits Co-operative (Health Co-op).  I have heard it said that I am opposed to the Health Co-op. This… Continue Reading

Governance – What is it and why is it Important?

There’s been a number of events over the past 6 months that have caused me to question the decisions being made by our City Council.

What’s the Policy on Moving Forward with Policy?

I realize that a strategic planning document must be reviewed and updated from time to time, especially in communities like Airdrie where population growth has been exponential. However, I do believe that Council must always be moving forward…